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Course Readings

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Feel free to add to this list! Each week, we will dedicate at least a portion of our time together to discussion of the texts that we decide to read together.


TS Eliot - Tradition and the Individual Talent-- "[T]he mind of the mature poet differs from that of the immature one not precisely in any valuation of 'personality,' not being necessarily more interesting, or having 'more to say,' but rather by being a more finely perfected medium in which special, or very varied, feelings are at liberty to enter into new combinations."


Heaven and Hell, Aldous Huxley -- excerpt on depicting transporting landscapes by representing natural objects a very long way off and by representing them at close range -- "Google Earth" vs. "grain of the wood"


The Doors of Perception


Emergence is coupled to scope, not level "Since its application to systems, emergence has been explained in terms of levels

of observation. This approach has led to confusion, contradiction, incoherence

and at times mysticism. When the idea of level is replaced by a framework of

scope, resolution and state, this confusion is dissolved. We find that emergent

properties are determined by the relationship between the scope of macrostate

and microstate descriptions. This establishes a normative definition of emergent

properties and emergence that makes sense of previous descriptive definitions

of emergence. In particular, this framework sheds light on which classes

of emergent properties are epistemic and which are ontological, and identifies

fundamental limits to our ability to capture emergence in formal systems"


Resilience Alliance -  a research organization comprised of scientists and practitioners from many disciplines who collaborate to explore the dynamics of social-ecological systems....key concepts = resilience, adaptability and transformability....aims to provide a foundation for sustainable development policy and practice.


Characters on the Couch -A Jungian approach to characters for Writers






Bateson, Gregory - Cybernetic Explanation


Ascott, Roy. Technoetic Pathways Toward the Spiritual in Art ""In technology we are witnessing the convergence of dry computational systems and wet biological processes, involving the assembly of bits, atoms, neurons and genes in conjunctions that will provide the artist with a new kind of material substrate, for which I have coined the term moistmedia"


Collier, J., & Burch, M. (1998). Order from rhythmic entrainment and the origin of levels through dissipation. Symmetry, 10 (10), 199-207.


Youngblood, G. (1970). Expanded cinema. Toronto and Vancouver: Clark, Irwin and Company.


Burroughs, William S. "Electronic Revolution"


Burroway, Janet.  Writing Fiction


King, Stephen.  On Fiction


Clark, Roy. Writing Tools



Margulis, Lynn & Sagan, Dorian. What is Life? chapter 1


Bogost, Ian. "Procedural Rhetoric" from Persuasive Games


Foucault, Michel. "What is an Author?"


Jenkins, Henry. Media Education for the 21st Century


Hall, Stuart. "Encoding Decoding


Becker "Editing by Ear" from Writing for the Social Sciences


Spinuzzi, Clay. "Technical Communication in the Age of Distributed Work"


Turkle, Sherri. "The Quality of Emergence" from Life on the Screen


Asimov, Isaac "The Last Question"



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