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Finding Convergence in the Field


For this project I interviewed my wife and here is a highlight of our conversation:


Nathan: How would you define composition?

Tyne: Um, writing.

Nathan: When you write a paper what is the process you take to write the paper? Are you more traditional by using an outline, or do you like to write, review, and build on where you started?

Tyne: Usually I like to write, review, and build on what I have.

Nathan: How do you prepare yourself to write a compostition?

Tyne: Usually research the topic and have a plan in mind before I start.



Going "Second-Order"


The transciption process for me was hell. I didn't mind transcribing at all but I have two dogs and they were not liking it. I had to keep stopping because they were barking and distracting me. I had to eventually lock them out of the room to get some peace and quite. As far as the atmosphere that I transcribe in, (after the dogs were gone), it was very peaceful. I was in my office with some music playing in the background, (it helps me concentrate), a nice cold soda and the air set at 65 degrees. It was a fun process to take the words spoken by my wife and I and putting them to paper. As far as the difficulty there really was not any difficulty at all. I am really getting used to the new wiki. I was a little rusty since it had been a little while since I had been on it. Now that I got back into it I am going wiki crazy!


Thinking of linking..... and then doing it!


 phone.jpg image by grimlock11




Ok so after reading some of the posts by everyone I came across Trish's page and I just had to talk about the iPhone. I honestly think that the iPhone is one of the greatest inventions ever made! I mean come on you can download games, music, movies and apps right to your phone. I have only had my phone for about two weeks and I will never get another phone. I am a little tech savy so I have done a ton of different things to mine. I jailbroke my iphone. For those of you who don't know what that is here is a little summary: Jailbreaking means pretty much bypassing the operating system on the iPhone and making it your own.. You can also set themes and change icons on your phone and really customize it. Another one of my favorite features is being able to have a five icon dock, rather than the traditional 4 icons. Also, there is an app where I can change my carrier name to what I want. For instance, my carrier name is supposed to say T-mobile, instead it say T&N. There are a lot of other things that can be done but they are kind of illegal. Another great feature is that I can view my email browse the web and even play games over the internet. I am writing this portion of my blog from my iPhone right now. Trish talks about the old rotary phones, I remember what those were like. The technology today is crazy and I feel that there is no denying that the iPhone is the best all around phone on the market today. There is an app for just about anything!! I was in my car the other day and didnt know the name of a song so I used an app called Shazam. Shazam listens to the song and then gives you all the information and you can even buy the song or CD on iTunes right from your phone! The phone continues to blow me away everyday.


Creative Commons License


I chose my creative commons license because I like being able to remix and rework other people's works and for them to be able to do the same thing with me. I like the fact that we all collectively can come together and create one amazing work of art. Writing was never really one of my strong suits but ever since I was introduced to the wiki and creative commons my writing has become a whole new monster!! I love the fact that we can share our writing and tweak and change others works to make them better and build something great! I think that working through the writing process together is another way for all of to expand and really open our eyes to new possibilities.




Dictionary.com had three definitions for emergence. I chose the third one which says, Evolution. the appearance of new properties or species in the course of development or evolution. I liked that definition the most. To me when I hear emergence I immediately think of the word emerge and I think of the scene in Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd is emerging over the hill on the scooter yelling "Harry". He is emerging from the horizon and that always seems to stick in my head.




When it comes to links I am kind of a maniac so I started with five and ended up with twenty five so I will narrow down to the original five but I will post the rest in my link pile so you can see where I was going. The five links i followed from the emergence page were: philosophy, spontaneous order, supervenience, religious naturalism, and fallacy of division. I chose these links because they are what caught my eye and I wanted to learn more about. Tabbed browsing is another great creation but it can get you in trouble at times. Some times I find myself with about 15 -20 tabs open and it tends to be confusing. All of these links took me on their own individual journey. I think that I opened about 5 to 6 tabs from each page and just got lost in the world of reading. The written word is such an great phenomenon when it is combined with the internet. It is so easy to find yourself opening new tabs and losing touch of where you began because your journey takes you to new places.




The Craft of Research




Chapter 1


After reading the first chapter of this book I already find myself questioning the ways that I research and the ways that I write. I always just read and don't ever take notes, and then I wonder why I can't remember anything that I read. Some of the concepts introduced are very interesting and I am going to try to use them in my future works and see how they play out for me. One statement that really caught my eye was, "Without trustworthy published research, we all would be locked in the opinions of the moment, prisoners of what we alone experience or dupes to whatever we're told." (pg 10)This statement is so true. We believe what is published even if we personally have never seen it. They talk about Australia and Venus and how research lets them know about the two places and they believe what it says until proven otherwise. I have never been overseas but I believe that there are places over there, because I have read about them in published books and articles. Just because I haven't seen the Great Wall of China, The Eiffel Tower, or the Louvre Museum, doesn't mean I don't believe they are there. The process by which these books and articles are created are what give everyone a knowledge of the world other than their own little bubble. To be published your work has to be read, re-read, read again, then read some more, tested, read more, and it goes on until the facts are proven and it could be changed at any time when new facts arrive. Research is going on all around us at all times during the day. Since we are in the information age like the book says we can simply use tools like google, yahoo, and bing to find answers to questions that we have. Research has gone on for ever. Even the cavemen researched, they may not have written anything down, but they did find new ways to hunt and gather, and like everything they evolved just like research is evolving everyday and without research where would we be? Research is the way we find new medications and new technologies. Without research and testing we would not have this wiki let alone our computers to be writing on this wiki. I am very interested in the book and what it has to offer. Just in the first chapter alone my eyes have been opened to new ways of researching and new ways of writing. I am very excited to see how this book is going to help us with our writing. Like the book says we are part of a rhetorical community. I think this is the very essence of what a wiki is. We all come together as a group, or community, and we help to better not only our own writing but each others writings as well. I think that this is a form of research in itself. We research each other's wiki pages and then we find new ideas and different perspectives on writing that lead us to write more and in turn lead everyone to write more and expand until we have one big work of art!




Chapter 1 and Appendix


After reading both chapter one and the appendix I feel that I am more aware of what needs to be done to make a solid argument. Stating your conclusion and backing it up is one good way. I feel that I always have trouble finding my conclusion or how I want to end a paper. I think that maybe trying to come up with a conclusion first and then building on it may help me to create a better argument. Another problem I have is defining terms. I feel like I give very vague definitions some times and the book really showed how to give clear and concise definitions. One example is to be specific. Being specific in your definition lets the reader really know what you are trying to say.







Chapter One


I have to start out by saying that I think that McCloud is a genius. His book is very easy to read and explains a lot. McCloud's perspective on media, in my eyes, is that we read to much into media. Like he says most people have a skewed vision on comics. I like how he defines comics, juxtaposed pictoral and other images in deliberate sequence. I think that this defintion sums up comics and makes you really think about what they really are. Now to me comics are on the same level as a great novel. Don't get me wrong I love to read books as well but with comics you get the story with some bad ass pictures and sequences. You get a nice visual representation of what the author really wants you to see. When you read a novel you make up the images and maybe they are not like the author may have wanted them to be. I think that comics are a great media. Like it is said comics have been around for a long time.  Comics have such a huge following it is amazing to me how many people don't actually know what comics are.  I also like how McCloud compares the diagrams in the airplanes to comics. Really they are comics but to be proper they are called diagrams. I like how it is pointed out that comics are everywhere. Bulletin boards can be comics. I have seen a few that are related to each other, Makers Mark has two billboards that are in sequence. They are place across the road from each other, one says "why the chicken crossed the road" with a finger pointing to the other billiboard which is a picture of a Makers Mark bottle. I thought that was pretty good idea and its a comic!. 








When I hear the word definition I think of describing what something means. Definition, in my eyes, can be easy sometimes but other times it could be extremely difficult. How do you define home? Everyone may define home as something different. Why does there have to be one standard definition for a certain word? To me this doesn't make sense I think that everyone should be able to define words in their own way. What is a definition, how do you define that? Why is does there always have to be a definition why cant something just be?!






Narrative to me is telling a story through the author's eyes. There can be narrators of the story but I think its seems like it is how the author wants you to perceive what they want to tell you. Really when we read we are the narrator of the story we are reading. To me I think that narrative is one of the harder genres to write. I like to make arguments and define things in my own way. A narrative seems like a little harder of a concept. Maybe it's because I feel like I am not good at telling a story I would much rather read someone elses story than to try an create my own. Now give me an argument and I could write for days. Narratives are harder like I said but I am up for the challenge and can't wait to see what everyone has to offer! The picture above is an image narrative kind of like a comic. Like McCloud says comics are everyone and this is proof!


What is Life

I will get to this soon.....


MixMaster Blog

under construction..


Blood in the Gutter



Prose Activation Station



Unit I Portfolio


Cover Sheet


Here is my rough draft Cover Sheet.


Rough Draft


Here is the rough draft of my Narrative.





Here is my feedback page


N8's Final Narrative Peer Grading


Polished Version


Here is my polished version






Final Project

Final Project Ideas N8-n-Kelly




Gaming Culture Wiki


My Gaming Culture Wiki


October 6th


text books and computers

school as degree - producing assembly line

capitalism - the system under which these phenomena emerge

profit motive


pharmaceutical industry




N8's Wiki Scope



"Assignment" Assignment


N8's "Assignment" Assignment



Final Paper


Rough Draft

Final Cut



Link Pile


N8's Link Pile



Back to the Beginning



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